Sunday, April 19, 2020

Seesaw Week 1

Hi all!

We hope you got to enjoy the Easter break in some way at home and that you and your family are keeping well and safe.

You have all been fantastic at engaging with us before Easter through the different online platforms and we want to thank you for all your efforts.

From now on we will be using the program Seesaw. As you know Gearoid has been very busy creating little activities and tasks for you to play around with and to help you get used of Seesaw. We hope you enjoyed them and are finding the program OK to use.

Work will no longer be posted on the blog. Instead all learning and activities will be posted on Seesaw.

Every week we will post new activities covering the 3 core subjects Literacy, Numeracy and Gaeilge. There will also be 3 SESE activities, PE activities and an optional Art activity.

It is important that the activities are completed in the order that they are posted i.e. completing part 1 before starting part 2.

All the activities will go up on Monday and you have the full week to complete them at your own time and pace. Seeing 15 activities up on Monday may seem overwhelming but you have all week to complete them. Don't put any pressure on yourself. Just do what you can. We aware of how difficult this is for you all and don't want to add any extra stress.

We recommend that you do around 3/4 activities a day.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us.

Looking forward to communicating with you through Seesaw!


Rachel & Brian

Friday, April 3, 2020

Hoppy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!

The blog will be a little quiet over the next week but check back in towards the Friday the 17th for some updates.

In the mean time I have found some cool sites you might want to check out on your break:


This site is so much fun, it allows for lots of experimenting and composing!

The children have all seen this one before but just incase they have forgotten about it, its fun one!


Why not create your own Easter Tree:

Or make a Easter Egg hunt for your parents or siblings! There are some great ideas to be found here:

Hoppy Easter Everyone!!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Work Pack - 30/03 - 03/04

Work Pack - 30/03 - 03/04

Hi guys, 

Hope all is going well and you are ready for another week of exciting learning!😃
Well done to all of those who took part in the quiz on Friday! Great to see that you
are getting stuck into the novel and learning all about Plops adventures.
Also we have been blown away by the projects we have been sent!
We have learned loads of new facts about a range of animals! It has also been
great to be able to see you in your video presentations! Well done!😊

This week we have laid the work out for you in a Google document.
Some of the worksheets can be downloaded or printed out or they can be written out on
whatever paper you have at home. We are following closely to our curriculum plans this week.
We have included work for the three core subjects (Literacy, Maths and Irish) and SESE
(History, Geography and Science) as well as PE. We ask that you do the work given for
these subjects each day, as much as is possible. If you feel that there is too much,
differentiate it for your child by only getting them to do certain parts of each subject.
We have also attached some other optional activities at the bottom of the document, i.e. interviewing your grandparents or a friend you miss.

You could break your day up into:

Morning:            PE with Joe Wicks
Mid-Morning:  English
Afternoon:       Other Activities:  
                               Art, music, SPHE interview questions, 
                               DEAR time, jigsaws, Lego, online educational games etc.

Here is the link to the Google document - The full week of work is there so just look under the heading of Monday etc. for daily activities.

If you have any questions about anything please don't hesitate to email us. We are here to help. Thank you for being supportive and cooperative during this challenging time for all. We know how difficult it is for everyone.


Brian & Rachel 

Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday Quiz!

Hey all!

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is keeping well on this sunny Friday morning. 😃 At 10 o'clock you will receive an email with the link to this weeks Friday quiz. It would be great if you could all take part at some point today or over the weekend. Next Monday morning work will be posted on the blog which will include daily activities in the core subjects of Maths, English, Gaeilge and SESE. There will also be some extension activities for you to take part in if you choose also.

We have been getting lots of your animal projects in and we are learning lots of new facts! We will be getting back to you with feedback on your projects. Well done to all so far. Hopefully we will be able to post some on the blog over the weekend.


Brian and Rachel 👍

Monday, March 23, 2020

An Nuacht - Missing page

Please find the layout of the missing An Nuacht page below:

Instead of printing out the page, you could just write out the small section on a different sheet using the surrounding words to fill in the blanks. Then draw a picture of you watching the program you picked on the TV or draw a picture of the weather.

Week 2 Work Reminder

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a nice weekend especially all of the mammies! 😃

Below is just a reminder of the work that has been set out for week 2.

We understand how challenging it can be to maintain a timetable and routine at home particularly when parents still have to work from home. I hope Sinéad's email has clarifies our expectation, as we do not want anyone feeling under any more pressure at this already stressful time.

Thanks to those who took part in the quiz on Friday! It was a learning curve for us so we know for next week how to layout the answers as the quiz was very sensitive. Well done to everyone we hope you enjoyed it. Below is just a reminder of info you have already received.
The project is due this Friday and can be video and emailed to us. From the quiz we can see that there is such a wide range of animals being explored, hopefully we will be able to post some of the projects on the blog so you can learn about the other animals too.


Master your Maths – the next week
Tables Champion – the next week
Revision booklet – from shadow book.

Maths games: Online games: 
Daily Maths Structure:

·              Master your maths – 1 section
·              Tables Champion-continue on to the  next week
·              Maths game – warm up (ipad)
·              Maths booklet – 10/15 minutes

Leigh sa Bhaile – 4 readings.
Tarraing an Aimsire – twinkl sheet.
Label the body worksheet.
Weekly Plan:

·              2 - Leigh sa Bhaile
·              1 – Worksheet (body or weather)

The Owl that was Afraid of the Dark and comprehension questions (1st)

English in Practice – 1 section a day
Handwriting – Go with the Flow book.

DEAR time daily of their own book at home – drop, everything and read time.
Weekly Plan:

·              Reading -  2-4 chapters of The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark
·              Comprehension - comprehension sheets that accompany chapters to be done. (1st class on sheet - at the back of the grammar sheets) 
·              Handwriting book – to your own discretion
·              English in Practice, Grammar – 4 sections a week
SESE – History/Geography/Science/Art

Animals and their Habitats – create a project through either paper (A4 booklet - pages stapled together) or powerpoint presentation.

Video presentation – if possible send project presented at home in a video to teacher’s email on the second Friday. If not possible send picture/document.
2 Weeks to complete

·              Work on the project daily.

Headings for project:
Fact File: general information
Picture: Drawn picture of animal
Habitat: information and diagram/ drawn picture of habitat
Fun Facts
Music and PE – if suitable
Joe Wicks –
Go Noodle
Cosmic Kids

DabbleDoo Music

Link to ceilí dance and Irish song below:
Walls of Limerick - Dance.
Siege of Ennis -Dance

Peigín Leitir Móir - Song


Weekly Plan

·              Daily practice.

Please email if you have any questions. New work will be posted on the blog next Monday Morning.
If you find you have completed the above activities feel free to explore any of the links that have been posted on the blog under Updates.


Rachel & Brian

Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday Quiz Time :-)

Hi all,

We are sending out a quiz for the class to complete. They will need some support to complete the quiz so please feel free to read the questions to them if needed and to help them write their response.

If you have not read Chapter 1 of the novel yet don't worry. You can complete the quiz later.

The class have been sent home with two weeks worth of work, so please do not feel that it all needs
to be completed this week. We will be posting another quiz next Friday! 😃😃😃

Keep safe everyone and remember to...

Seesaw Week 1

Hi all! We hope you got to enjoy the Easter break in some way at home and that you and your family are keeping well and safe. You...