Hi all,

The children's English and Maths homework for this week has gone home in their homework folders. Claire has sent home the class novel for reading homework. The children are to read for 5-10 minutes per night. For Maths, the children in both classes have a worksheet with a box to be done each night.

This week is the second week of Seachtain na Gaeilge and we are really encouraging the kids to speak Irish throughout the day. If you could encourage them to speak Irish at home too or maybe ask them to teach someone at home cúpla focal, that'd be great! the children have been learning Riptide by Vance Joy as Gaeilge. Hannah's class are asked to go over the song as their reading homework and Claire's class are asked to do practice it too.

Here are the lyrics:

Bhí faitíos orm roimh thaibhsí i lár na hoíche. Aúúú, aú-ú-ú, under the stars tonight.
Bhí mé scanraithe ag cailíní is iad i mbun sacadh spraoi.
Ó, mo chairde ag dul in éad.
Is tú spéirbhean mo mhianta ag deireadh an…
There's nothing here!